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Jiangmen Junhong Electronics Co.,ltd established in 2004, located in Jiangmen, is a professional precision FPC,

transparent FPC,Rigid-flex board,LED srip FPC,LED flexible aluminum PCB , FPCB,PCBA,LED light devolepment designer

& manufacturer together with One-stop Service.


We have two factoriesrigid-flex boardone is focus on rigid producing(FR4 PCB,CEM-1PCB,Aluminum PCB),the other one

is focus on flex producing(FPC,PET,PI). the area of rigid plant is 6300 square meters, the area of flex plant is 5000

square meters.


more than 10 years experience, Junhong Electronics can provide you PCB design, FPCB &PCB manufacture, and

PCB assembly ,LED PCB Assembly and LED Light Design services.


Development Design:

Junhong has gathered a large number of engineers who are outstanding in the domestic printed circuit board(FPC,PET,

MPCB,Rigid-Flex) design industry and have over 8 years of experience in LED lightings design.

We focus on desiging various LED modules,such as LED photographic lighting modules, led transparent screen modules,

and outdoor decorative lighting strips,landscape lingting module,LED screen,construction lighting module and LED driver

or power supply,etc. 

our project development process:  design+building+sample+test+ repeated debugging


PCB Manufacture:

Junhong is a leader in the manufacture of high-tech printed circuit boards. We specialize in fabricating high precision,

high density and high reliability PCB from 1 to 12 layers. We are certified with ROSH,CE,UL approval.


Producing period :

samples making: 24hours,48hours,72hours

Mass producing:  7-10 days 


Quick turn PCB Prototypes and Committed to improving product quality


No MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)in our factory and welcome all customer to send inquiry for quote!

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